Marvel and FX Networks to Introduce Marvel and Fox’s “Futurama” as an Official Fall 2016 TV Series on Fall 2015’s Comic-Con International

In a move that’s not only smart for Comic-Cons but a boon for fans, Marvel and FOX have announced a new series based on the Futurama animated series.

In the first official announcement from the companies, Fox and Marvel will both be teaming up to bring the new series to a Comic-con International convention in San Diego, Calif.

The new series will be called “Futsal.”

Fox and Marvel have teamed up to make Futuramas a TV series.

This is great news for fans who want to watch Futuramovies as soon as possible.

Futurams is one of the most popular shows on the internet, with nearly 10 million episodes produced and more than 2 billion downloads of the show.

The series is also available on Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, Apple TV, and Xbox One.

The first episode of the new show will be shown at Comic-CON International, and Fox will host the first panel on the new Futuraman series.

“The new Futures show is going to be a series that will be coming to a lot of fans around the world,” said FX Networks CEO Scott Moore.

“It will be a fun way for fans to discover the amazing world of Futurami, and be able to watch the characters in their unique way on TV.”

Fans around the country will have the opportunity to be part of this exciting new series, which will be available on both platforms in Fall 2015,” Moore added.

The new series is set to air in 2017, and will also be available via Fox’s Hulu TV, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Apple Video, and the new Apple TV. 

Futures will also feature some of Futura’s best friends from Futurames and other Futuras shows, like Futurame Professor Farnsworth, Professor Farny, and Professor X. Futurus is also slated to return to the ABC Family channel for a second season, which is slated to premiere in 2018.

The first season of the series will also premiere on Fox’s FX Networks.

The network is expected to release the new episodes in November. 

Fans can check out a preview of the first episode, “The Professor Who Can’t Do This Anymore,” on Fox at 9:00pm Eastern time on Friday, October 5.