What you need to know about pigmentation removal

If you’re using a pigmentation-removal cream that contains artificial pigments that may cause irritation, you might be thinking about a new product that may help reduce the redness and irritation caused by those artificial pigment-based products.

But the company behind that product, Suntory, isn’t giving up.

“In the past, our product has not been approved for use with the skin, but now that it has been approved, we’re taking steps to strengthen its approval process to help ensure that the skin will benefit from its benefits,” said CEO Akihiro Ota, in a statement to the BBC.

The company added that Suntories Skin Color Removal Cream will be available in Europe in early 2018.

Ota added that the cream is not a skin-lightening product.

It has a gentle pH-adjustment, according to Suntoys Skin Color Recovery System.

It is available at SuntoriCosmetics, Sotheby’s, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Sephoria stores nationwide.

SuntoyCosmetics.com, Sotrycosmetics.co.uk, Sotsysmetics.eu, Sottosmetics.nl, Sootysmetics, and Sotsycosmetics are not participating in the SuntoroCosmetics trial.

Sotories Skin Recovery System is available online and at Sephors stores.