‘Paint, not makeup’: How beauty brands use cosmetics to make their products look better

A woman has created an all-natural beauty product using pigments from plants and pigments powder, with a twist: she used them as an alternative to makeup.

“I used to be a makeup addict,” she told Al Jazeera.

“There are so many makeup brands out there but you’re missing out on so many amazing products.”

In the early 1900s, the world’s first “natural” cosmetics industry emerged in the US, with many products marketed as natural and organic, including the likes of Vitamin E and Vitamin B5.

Today, many of the most popular natural cosmetics are formulated with synthetic pigments, which have been chemically modified to look like natural pigments.

These are the same synthetic ingredients used in many nail polishes, body washes and body lotions, and are often combined with chemical fertilisers.

A small number of beauty brands now make their own natural cosmetics, using pigmented products from plants such as cedarwood, yarrow and peppermint.

“When I’m in the shower, my skin is just glowing with all the plants that were used to make me beautiful,” said Karina.

“I’m also so happy that the pigments have been extracted from the plants themselves, because it has been a challenge for me.”‘

It’s just about me’Karina and her mother, Eva, both live in Sweden, where the average annual temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit), but they still enjoy the warmer summers.

Karina said she first started experimenting with the products after reading a blog about “pigments and makeup”.

She started experimenting by making up her own “natural cosmetics” using olive oil, baking soda, coconut oil and rice bran.

She added that she is still a huge fan of natural products, and enjoys their “smell”.

“There is something magical about plants and flowers,” she said.

“When you smell a plant or a flower, you feel a different way of life.

When you smell the same plant or the same flower, it makes you feel different.”

For Karina, her products are a way to reclaim her natural beauty.

“It’s not that I am obsessed with beauty, it’s more about my own body and my own soul,” she explained.

“This is something that can help me in my own quest to reclaim my body and to reclaim myself.”

Karina also said she enjoys her “natural makeup” as a way of strengthening her connection to nature.

“Pigments are amazing, but the best ones have a long history,” she continued.

“Some of the best natural beauty products are the ones that you can’t find in the supermarket.”

Kariska and Eva’s products, including The Pigmented Pearl, are available online and in shops.

Kariskan also said that the products are designed to be “as simple as possible”, so that consumers can use them in their daily lives without the need to spend a lot of money.

“There are a lot more products out there than you would think,” she added.

“For the average consumer, it would be quite difficult to buy these products.”

Karolina’s natural makeup can be purchased in supermarkets, beauty supply stores and online.

The Pigmented Pearls come in a range of colors, including olive green, lemon, black and pink.

It’s also available in a small variety of natural fragrances such as lavender and mint.

Eva said she has also tried to incorporate natural ingredients into her products, but Karolina’s pigments are the most important one for her.

“My aim is to make sure that the natural products have a little bit of this artificial ingredient,” she commented.

“But it’s also important to use these products without artificial fragrants.”

Karriina also hopes to have her products available to all women, not just women who are interested in “natural beauty”.

“I hope women everywhere will get a little taste of my products,” she concluded.

“Because when you make your own products, you can create your own natural beauty.”

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