How to solve a mystery with an apple crossword puzzle

Apple’s Crossword puzzle app is getting a little more creative, with a new crossword that requires a combination of “earthy” and “pigments” to solve.

The “Pigment Crossword” app, which has been available since March, allows users to solve puzzles like the “Pigs of the Earth” one, which requires “PIGMENT” to be found in the answer to “The Pig of the Day.”

Pigments, or a combination, can be found on the iPhone and iPad, and Apple also has an app called “Pigger of the World” that allows users “to discover new pigments in real time.”

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Apple also recently updated its “Paint the World app,” which is a free, crossword-playing app that uses the same crossword algorithm.

“Paint” is a term used to describe a color that can be used to represent certain colors, or combinations of colors.

Apple has also added a new “Sketch” mode for the “Sigmar” app.

Sketches can be created by users and the app allows users create a puzzle by sketching a circle, for example.

The “SIGMAR” app also has a new mode for those who are more comfortable with drawing on paper.

For those who want to draw with the iPad, there is a new option for those that prefer to use the iPad Pro as a drawing device.

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