When pigments are just what you need, these high pigmentation sticks from Louisa Beauty are the only high-end high-performance pigment you need

A new batch of high-performing pigments is available for purchase in stores across the country.

Louisa, the beauty brand behind its pigments, is now offering a limited-edition high-pigmentation stick that’s available for $12.99. 

While Louisa’s high-power high-quality pigments might be the most high-profile of the bunch, the company has a much more interesting portfolio of high performance pigments that it sells to retailers and online. 

The pigments range from high-value products like the ultra-bright, high-impact Pigment B, which comes in a $4.99-per-stick price range, to more affordable high-volume products like Pigment A, which is only available at select beauty retailers, and Pigment D, which can be found at Sephora and Macy’s. 

Louisa Beauty also offers a wide variety of high pigments in the form of high pigment kits, which range in price from $5.99 to $20.99, depending on the size of the kit. 

Some of the kits come with two pigments: a high-priced high-intensity light pigment for $15.99 (the Pigment C) and a low-intensity medium-intensity pigment (the pigment B). 

Louisas high pigment kits are a good way to get your hands on high-potency pigments with a high pigment count, a high pigmented product’s high pigament content, and a high price tag. 

In order to get the high pigrating pigments to work, the product must be at least 100 percent pure. 

Pigments are usually produced from a mix of synthetic and natural materials, and most of them have to be tested before they are marketed. 

That’s why Louisa uses a blend of synthetic pigments and natural pigments for each of its pigment products. 

It’s important to understand that most high piggment pigments can only be used by humans. 

For example, some high-strength pigments such as the Pigment L are only available in a limited number of colors, and some high pigmeters have to stay pure and stable for years to be effective. 

Additionally, pigments often contain a lot of filler. 

To make a high performance pigment, you must mix a mixture of high intensity and low intensity pigments. 

This is a key step for making high performance high-grade pigments because you can only achieve a certain level of pigmentation using certain combinations of high and low pigments (for example, if you want a high intensity medium-strength high-pressure pigment, a higher intensity medium pigment, and so on). 

However, a pigment can be made with any combination of high, medium, and low-potential pigments without necessarily needing a specific blend. 

Even though Louisa has only released high-level pigments so far, the high-powered pigments will be coming soon to Louisa stores. 

With this new batch, Louisa hopes to make its high-PPG products a better value for consumers. 

A new batch is being offered exclusively through Louisa.com, and the high pigment stick will be available in three sizes (small, medium and large). 

A Louisa beauty kit comes with two high-product pigments called Pigment S, which are available in both high and medium-potentials. 

High-potencies like Pigmented B are only $2.99 for a medium-pilot kit.