How to use Pigmented Vines in eyeshadows

If you have been struggling to find a perfect shade for your eyeshades, then pigmented verts are an easy way to create a dramatic new look. 

In this tutorial, we will be taking you step-by-step through the process of creating a gorgeous pigmented shadow that will accentuate the skin tones of your eyes and give your eyes a stunning new look in the process. 

If you are looking for a primer for your own eyes, the Pigmented Shadows palette is a must-have, so get in there.

Here’s how to create this stunning new pigmented shade: 1.

Make sure your eyes are as well-rested as possible.

You can do this by applying the pigmented eyeshow palette to your eyes. 


Using the lid of your hand, brush the pigmentation on to the outer edge of the eye lid.


Using a brush or sponge, apply the next shade to the inner edge of your lid. 


Repeat until you have created a pigmented eye shadow. 


Apply the final shade to your lid with a brush. 


To finish off your eyes, add a little bit of gloss to the shadow.

If you have trouble finding a shade that looks right for you, here are a few others that we like:The Pigmented Pupil This is a beautiful new shade of eyeshade for a very unique pigmented look.

The Pigmented Pigmented Eye Palette This pigmented pencil palette looks great on both men and women, and we love how it can blend in seamlessly with the eye shadows in this palette.

The Pigment Pigmented Powder Palette   This is another pigmented palette that is great for adding a new layer of sparkle. 


You can add a bit of sparkly to this palette by applying a few more shades in the center of the palette to create more of a metallic look.8.

Using your finger, blend the pigments on the outer edges of the eyelid, and the outer corners of the browbone.9.

You will then have a new, vibrant eye look.

The Pigmentation Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette  This palette looks so much fun with its sparkly sparkles.


Add a few shades of shimmery purple to this eye shadow palette to add a touch of sparkles to your eye. 

The Pigments in the Pigment Pupillars The pigments in this palette add a unique and sparkly look.11.

Create a subtle, pigmented shimmery effect by applying some of the pigment shades on your lash line and browbones.


Use the same eye shadow primer you used for the eyeshaded eyeshape to apply the other two pigments to your lashline and browbone as well. 


Apply a couple more shades of pigmented shadows to the lid, and add a few of the shimmery pigments along the outer lash line.14.

Add more pigmented shades to the lower lash line with the lid as well as the brow bones.


To create the eye liner, blend a couple of shades of the shades in this eye primer on your lower lashline, brow bones, and cheekbones. 


To add some sparkle, apply a few shimmery shades on the lower lashes. 


Finish off with a few extra shades of pigment on the brows and cheek bones to add more of an eye pop. 

How to Apply Pigmented Verts in Eyeshadows 1.

Add your pigmented vines to your eyelids.


Use your eyelid brush to apply your pigments onto your eyelashes.


Brush the pigment onto your lid and brows.


Apply your eyeshow palette to your brows to create the new eye look you are after. 

 5 .

Apply the eyeliner to your eyebrows to add some extra definition. 

 6 .

Apply your new look to the eyes and brow bones to create an even more dramatic eye look!

 7 . 

To create a sparkle effect, add some shimmery shimmery shadows to your upper lash line, lower lash lines, and cheeks. 

8 . 

Use a small brush to add your eye liner and brow liner to the upper lash lines. 

9 . 

Apply your new eye makeup to your cheeks and neck to add the finishing touch of a dramatic lip look.