GOP’s latest bill proposes $20,000 in tax credits for the new drug: Poll

The GOP-led House on Thursday passed its version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act, which would make drugmakers responsible for paying $20 million a year for drugmaker rebates to help pay for new drugs.

The legislation would not affect the existing rebate program that has been at the center of the healthcare debate.

But the legislation is the latest effort to take on the pharmaceutical industry by some GOP lawmakers.

The House approved a version of their Better Care Act last month.

The Senate version passed on Tuesday, but the Senate’s version did not include a provision that would provide a rebate for drugmakers to make their drugs cheaper.

A bill that would make pharmaceutical companies responsible for rebates for drug companies’ drug rebates has been blocked by the White House.

Read moreHouse Republicans said in a statement Thursday that the House version was “designed to make sure the U.S. has a strong rebates program that protects patients, doctors and families.”

A senior White House official told The Associated Press that the administration is “looking forward to working with Congress to improve and strengthen the rebates in this legislation and to get drug manufacturers to pay for the rebate as well.”

The White House said that “any effort by the Senate to repeal the rebate is a major setback to the goal of a universal, high-quality, and affordable healthcare system that will reduce the number of people in hospitals and make our country healthier and more prosperous.”

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