How to make glitter nail polish from scratch

In a recent post on my personal blog, I shared how to make my very own glitter nail polishes from scratch.

In the post, I described my technique, which consisted of the following steps: 1.

I coated a piece of acrylic tape with paint.


I used glitter glue to glue it on. 3.

I cut it up into individual glitter polishes.


I mixed the glitter polish ingredients together.


I put them in a plastic bag, filled it with glitter glue, and let it sit for a few hours to set.


I added a dab of glitter glue onto the top of the glitter polish to keep it in place while I worked.


I painted the polish using glitter glue.


After a few coats, I gave it a coat of gloss.


I painted the rest of the polish with the same glitter glue before adding the gloss.

To begin, I had to coat a piece a piece, but the process wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed.

This is because the paint that I used to coat the tape was actually a powder.

In order to make the glitter glitter, I would first coat the paint on the tape.

Then I would use the glitter glue on the glitter to make it glitter.

However, because the glitter glitters so nicely, it is very difficult to get them to stick.

As a result, I used a thin layer of glitter polish on top of a thinner layer of paint.

I sprayed the glitter on the entire nail, and then sprayed it on top.

I then put the whole thing on my nail, so that the glitter was spread evenly all over my nails.

It was so easy!

Here’s the result: Now that you know how to coat glitter nail pomades, here are some other glitter nail products that you can use: Glitter nail polish: These glitter nail beauties are made from real glitter.

They are super easy to make, and they look awesome.

A quick and easy way to make your own glitter polish from Sculpey nail polish is by mixing up a glitter powder.

You can buy Sculpin glitter powder here.

There are other glitter powders available, but these are the ones that I find easiest to work with. 

You can also use glitter glue and glitter glue sticks to add a glittery finish to your glitter nail art.

If you have a few friends or family members who love glitter, you can get together with them and share glitter art on Pinterest.

What are your favorite glitter nail colors?

Do you make glitter polish?