Why do you love Nars Lip Color?

By Nars lipstick lovers!

The brand is known for its bold colors, vibrant hues, and unique formulas, and we love the fact that they’re all in shades that range from warm to cool, bright to cool and neutral.

They’ve also put in a lot of effort into creating their lipsticks that are both sheer and sheer-ish, and this summer, they’re adding a new shade to the lineup. 

In Nars’ Lip Color palette, we’ve got three shades that we’re really excited about:  Tangled  (a warm, shimmery pink), The Lost and Found  and Frosted   (slightly more of a frosty pink).

We’re also looking forward to seeing what these three new shades look like on our lips in a future post. 

So how do these new shades compare to Nars lipsticks before they’re released?

Let’s take a look! 

Tucked away in the back of the packaging is the Nars “NARS Lip Color” collection, which will be released on May 25. 

The Nars collection consists of three lipsticks, each of which are a combination of a neutral pink, a cool pink, and a cool orange. 

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