The best and worst shades for your eyes and lashes

With the rise of the wearable tech, you’re going to need some new shades for the evening.

Here’s our pick for the best and the worst eyeshadows and eyeliners you’ll find at Sephora.

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Nars Waterproof Matte Liquid Eye Shadow in Gold1.

The Last of Us – Nars’ gold metallic liquid eyeshade is a bold, gold-toned shade with a hint of purple.

It’s a good, solid option that has great coverage and is well worth a swatch.

The Last of Men in the Darkness in Metallic Silver is another gold-tone eyeshape, but this time it has a more metallic undertone and a hint more of the shimmer.

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Urban Decay Matte Liquid Eyeshadow in Black2.

MAC Matte Liquid Makeup in Gold and Silver3.

NARS Matte Liquid Lipstick in Silver and Gold4.

Urban Outfitters Matte Liquid Eyeshadow in Metallic Bronze5.

Nereus Matte Liquid Foundation in Metallic Gold6.

Laura Mercier Matte Liquid Lips in Metallic Blue7.

Benefit Liquid Lipsticks in Metallic Violet8.

Ulta Matte Liquid Skin Treatment in Metallic Purple9.

MAC Mineralizing Primer in Gold10.

Nubar Liquid Lip Liner in Metallic Pink11.

Colour Pop Matte Liquid Creme in Metallic Red12.

Nude Couture Matte Liquid Nails in Metallic Teal13.

The Best Liquid Eyeliner in the world – this eyeliner is a liquid eye color, not a powder.

It has a strong pigmentation that gives it an opaque finish, and a soft, matte finish.14.

Nardin Matte Liquid Liner with Satin Powder in Gold15.

NYX Matte Liquid Pencil in Metallic Metallic Silver16.

MAC Liquid Eyebrow Color in Metallic Black17.

Laura Stewart Matte Liquid Mascara in Metallic White18.

Laura Lee Matte Liquid Brow Pencil19.

Benefit Matte Liquid Liquid Lip Balm in Metallic Green20.

The Cosmetics Department Eyeshadows in Metallic Golden21.

Nail Polish in Black22.

Urban Sephort Liquid Liners in Metallic Orange23. 

Urban Decay Liquid Eyederm in Metallic Yellow24.

Urban Essence Liquid Linering Stick in Metallic Lime25.

The Makeup Lab Liquid Linner in Metallic Lavender26.

MAC Solid Eyeshape in Metallic Amber27.

Makeup Geek Liquid Linzer in Metallic Brown28.

MAC Lipstick Liquid Eye Pencil in Metallic Purple29.

Make Up Forever Liquid Linler in Metallic Dark Brown30. 

Sephora’s Sephors Liquid Eyecream in Metallic Light Pink31.

Sephorets Liquid Linen in Metallic Medium-Bright Green32. 

Kinky Liquid Eye Liner – the perfect neutral liner for eyes.

This is a little less glittery than other liquid liners and more matte than liquid eyeliners.


Lip Gloss in Dark Brown34. 

Satin Lipstick – the classic, black lip gloss.

It applies smoothly and stays on for hours.35. 

Mulberry Liquid Lip Gloss in Black36. 

Nail Lacquer Liquid Lipgloss in Red37. 

Laura Stewart Liquid Lip Lacquer in Black38. 

Dermabond Liquid Lip Gloss in Black39. 

Pomegranate Lipglitter in Blue40. 

Tarte Liquid Lip Lips35.

Urban Pure Liquid Lip gloss in Dark Gray41. 

Alfalfa Liquid Lip Sticks in Gold42. 

Blendy Liquid Lip Tint in Dark Red43. 

Olive Oil Liquid Lip Stick in Dark Black44. 

Zebra Lipstick45. 

Velvet Liquid Lip Oil in Black46. 

Eau De Toilette Liquid Lip Pencils in Matte Blue47. 

Shake & Bake Liquid Lip Lipstick48. 

The Color Club Liquid Lip Gel in Medium Blue49. 

Liquid Lipstick by Sephori50. 

Colorpop Liquid Lip Creams in Metallic Pearl51. 

Brilliant Liquid Lip Paintbrush52. 

Kate Spade Liquid Lip Color Creams53. 

Beauty Junkies Liquid Lip Blush54. 

Revlon Liquid Lip Colour Creme55. 

Rimmel Liquid Lip Powder56. 

Glam Glitter Liquid Lip Palette57. 

Benefit Lip Color Spray58. 

Maybelline Liquid Lip Matte Pencil59. 

Missha Liquid Lip Butter60. 

MAC Liquid Lip Creme61. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lip Paints62. 

Balm Liquid Lip Lash Pencil63.